Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Haiku Nature Walk Poems from The Lighthouse School

Thank you to Lindsey Toft. and her students from the Lighthouse School.  I enjoyed our Haiku Nature Walk. These poems are terrific and your group is great fun.


Water streaming fast
Running from higher places
Wind whistling through trees.
  -Hannah G.

Wind is very loud
Bringing leaves up off the ground
High up in the sky.
  -James T.

Cold, Silent, Noisy
Like a swampy circus show
It is so alive.
  -Anya M.

Wind blowing through the trees
water lapping by the pond
birds chirp in the breeze.
  --Mae B.

Wind goes through the trees
A brook flows slowly beneath
Cedar rots and falls.
  -Isaiah W.

"The Treesplosion"
Water falls on the tree
tree can't take it anymore
it explodes and falls
  -Beck B.

Depends on the cheese
It can be very tasty
Depends on the cheese.
  -Zion G.

The wind blows in trees
Blows them up with a gun shot
that sounds loud in the woods.
 -Harrison R.

Tree, wind, rain, and snow
swoosh around us coldly burr
The trees keep us warm
  -Abby T.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creative Writing with the New School

During this school year I'll be working with the 5th grade from the Nantucket New School to create content for a book.  The books will be hand made "perfect bound" paper back books, just like Unidentified Flying Cupcakes from the Jr. Ranger program 2013.  Below is a Poem from Anjali, I responded with a poem of my own.
Len Germinara

Recipe Exchange #1

Lemon Crisp Cookies

"They feel crumbly and smushy,
It smells like lemon in a nice twisted way.
They look scrumptious, fit for a king,
The sound of tiny 'eat me!'s are emitted from the cookies.
The taste of these delicious cookies are indescribable to man kind."

                  -Avacado (Anjali)

Almond Milk Moon

I've heard the sound
of the scrumptious
Late at night
the moon full of almond milk
cats circling my feet

I wipe the crumbly sandman 
from my eyes
sit with a plate
of the thing I most appreciate
something sweet

A poem from a friend


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Warm October Afternoon

With Cranberry Festival almost upon us I wanted to send you some thoughts and images of the season.

Photo by Raymond M.

Photo by Raymond M.

Photo by Raymond M.

Raymond M.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


An Open Letter to Jr. Rangers Past and Present

Another summer has reached senescence

While the memory is fresh as  

Fleeting airborne bits of milkweed

I write this that I might dwell

In your presence

Here in this book we wrote

Summer of 2013

I am known by most as poet

Call myself

Reader, dreamer, off and on

A writer, but

Only off and on

Which, is to say

I’m primarily a reader

Grateful for the work you’ve done

I write this for you

In the hope

You’ll continue



Whale Video

Video of Whale research that you will want to see.