Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jr. Rangers Writers Circle

As an extension of our Jr Ranger programming we've added a school year writers circle.  A workshop format designed to listen to other writers work and to discuss the writing process.   

Friday, September 4, 2015

Spider Time - Written by Anjali D.

I sit among them 
Their ever graceful bodies move around me.  
I am not one of them 
But I am one with them.  
They are elegant creatures and have adopted me as their own. 
Much superior are their species to mine, 
So light and fast, 
Whereas mine are bulky and clumsy. 
They are merciless, but also small and fragile, like a delicate flower. 
And now, here I am 
Sitting here with them. 

Why must such a species thrive and exist?  
They are sly, vile creatures, 
Moving sickly across surfaces with their long legs. 
They are so small and useless, yet they cause terror to young and old alike. 
They are monstrous and hide in the dark like cowards, 
And scurry when the light is set upon them. 
Grotesque beings they are, and their eerie voices echo in the darkness. 
I am the only one to know. 
I am the only one to see the truth. 

There are two sides to the story. 
Very different they are, and many change through time, 
And there are vast amount of opinions that float between the two. 
However, they both share a common subject. 
One to love or one to hate, 
Or one to simply pass by. 
Yet they are not to blame. 
Or are they? That is an opinion entirely up to you. 
But just to think all this must come to these small, tiny Araneae... 
Spiders, I mean. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Meat Eaters, Full Moon, Howl - Back To School!

This Is Not The End - by Clyde K

The trees are reddening,
The Deer Flies disappearing,
Lenny is about the same,
But this is not the end.

School is starting,
Walks are getting smaller,
People are leaving,
But this is not the end.

It will soon be chilly,
The vernal pool will get smaller,
Summer’s almost over,
But this is not the end.

This year was great,
And next year will come soon.
This is not the end,
But just a break.

Thank you, everyone, for an awesome year!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Elizabeth takes charge

On Friday 8/28 and after just 2 weeks of training Elizabeth led a group of visitors on a nature walk of the field station.  She's from Maryland and has been visiting Nantucket and the field station for several years. Great job Elizabeth!  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

End of Summer - PARTY!

David and Elizabeth assist Elway with the harvest of this years sumac crop.  Time to make the tea.

Rourke is first to the party, he heard their would be pizza.

Bob is next, he was privy to the same information.

Ono, Beck, and Sunny.


The party can begin the cool kids have arrived.

David's first reaction to Sophie T's pizza.

We even had popcorn.

It was at this moment when something shifted in our gravitation field 

Order restored

We honored Avacado as our Jr. Ranger of the Year - F
Clyde (absent due to sickness) won the whacking stick - B

The tea came out awesome.

That desert was the bomb, everybody wants the recipe Sunny.

My favorite pic of the day.

We want to mention Molly, Eliza, Thomas and Gigi, Nick, and Nicholas, and Clyde unable to attend and missed.  We want to thank the parents, everyone who visited us this year.  Thank you Dr. O for letting us work for you and a better world to live in.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A good day for a paddle

Beck, Raymond, Elizabeth, and David went on a voyage of exploration in Folgers Marsh this morning.

The water was like glass

Beck and Raymond demonstrate backing up, Elizabeth and David catch on quick.

Len tells the rangers to take their time and keep their eyes open

Raymond brought this back from his walk with his group of field station visitors.

We'll try and ID this later today.
Id by Dina Warren.  Thank you Dina!