Friday, July 3, 2015

Raise the Jolly Roger!

                                                Today 7/2/15 we'll talk like pirates

The crew Raymond (wide brimmed hat) Orion (blue cups on his hat) Clyde (red cups on his hat) take Will and Sam from Rhode Island to collect some samples of the wild life in the harbor. Answer the question of the day - Why do Orion and Clyde have colored cups on their heads?

Found some fish and shrimp.

Lots of Hermit Crabs

We seined 

We watched a master

Saw a bunch of these bad boys

A very good day. Arrgghhh!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Wild Lenny Poem #2 by Clyde K.

   I’m driving in a car
surviving oh so far
with a Wild Leonard chasing me
and Deer Flies in a jar.

  I’m going oh so quick
but I think I have a tick
so I mess up and itch my arm
and swerve with great alarm.

  I skid now to the right
Leonard creeping through the night
I express great fright
as off a cliff I begin flight.

  The car lands on a beach
it now has a breach
by the Wild Leonard creeping in
and clawing at my shin.

  It wants Italian Ice
so I try to be nice
and give him a pack
as I scramble to the back.

  I finally break through
and to myself say “Whew!”
and give a great big cheer

‘cause I’ll live another year.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rain Pt. 1 by Orion D.

I woke up to the screaming of my little sister  "It rained last night.And it's still raining."
"What? Still raining?"
"What time did it start?"
"Around Nine"
 I ran downstairs and looked out the window.
The ocean had risen.
I yelled to my sister "Get mom and dad up"
"It's a flood"

Pt. 2

My little sister came tearing down the stairs.
"What?" she asked 
"I said to wake mom and dad up."
"Because I told you to!"
"Who made you the boss of me?!"
"Just do it.Its life or death!"
I hear her shaking mom and dad. 
"Conor wants to talk to you."
I hear grumbling as my mom gets out of bed.
"What is it Conor?"
"Theres a flood"
She looks out the window then called to my dad.
"Jackson get the kids to the roof"
My dad jumped out of bed and  picked my sister up and told me to follow.I followed obediently behind him.He opened the skylight and pushed me through.Then my sister.Then he called down to mom 
"I got them in.Come on."
"I'll be right there."
My dad pulled himself out into the howling wind and wiping rain…
[To be continued…..]

AmOy's looking for Breakfast - Photo by Raymond M.

Mosquito's by Raymond M.

m icroscopic monsters
o  n the run away from any moving thing
s  uck your blood
q uite annoying
nder the radar until it bites
i  rritant
t  oo many to count
o pen your hand
s wat it if you can

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jr. Ranger Beck Fee Barsanti - Book Signing at Mitchell's Book Corner

Tuesday 6/23/15 

Beck talking to a visitor about his book.

She liked what he had to say and she bought a copy.

Jr Ranger's Orion and Raymond stopped by to encourage  Beck.  Orion bought a copy for his mom.

Friday, June 19, 2015

From The Eel Cage by Orion D.

One day when I was swimming around in my cage a shadow filled my vision. A man’s hand grabbed the top of my cage and started to pull it out of the water a couple of inches. I looked around for my last glance of the world from my cage. I saw the purple marsh crabs eating the grass. I saw the great egrets black feet wiggling around. The man was still pulling. After a little while the man stopped.
He said “we will have to come back tomorrow to get it.”
The little man said ”OK, Leonard”

I swam around in happiness. I did not have to leave. I saw the animals again but this time not for the last time….